Welcome to the Details Page of our Loyalty Program!

Continue on and verse yourself on how & when you'll be eligable to receive 260 perks
Plus β†’ More Importantly.. How you'll be receiving these perks & redeeming them.

In-Store : All you have to do is check out under your Profile.
Please give your Phone # and/ or email to your cashier at check out.

For Online : Make sure when you checkout you're using the same email as the one receiving our 260 notifications.

To inquire on your available perks, please email press@260samplesale.com

Now! On to the Perks β†’ β†’ β†’

Early Access Voucher

+1 Voucher when you check out under your profile in-store 3x in 30 Days.
+1 Voucher when you Shop Online 3x in 30 Days.


Hold your Spot in Line

+1 Voucher when you shop in-store 3x + Spend $500 in 30 Days

Free Virtual Shopping Appointment on Opening Day (*Currently Unavailable*)

Make a Purchase 2x + spent $600 in the last 30 days


$100 Credit Giveaway

When you shop 3x instore or online you will be entered in to win $100 Credit to Shop.
Giveaway Winners will be selected on a monthly basis!

πŸ€‘ πŸ›

Frequently asked questions β†’ β†’ β†’

How do I join the loyalty program?

🚨 You must be subscribed to 260 Sample Sale to be a part of our Loyalty Program. Perks are communicated via email with instructions on how to redeem their perk/voucher (these communications are not currently being sent to customers - customers are instructed to email press@260samplesale.com for inquiries on perks available) Perks are subject to change.

Does my voucher expire?

🚨 All rewards have a three month (90 days) expiration date.

Can I add previous transactions to my account if I didn't checkout under my profile in store?

🚨 We cannot backpopulate transactions on to customer accounts. Perks can only be earned when checked out under their profile.

How many of any (1) voucher can I have on my account at any given time?

🚨Customers are unable to stack vouchers. They must redeem their current voucher in order to earn another one! They can email press@260samplesale.com to confirm the vouchers they have on their profile. 

How do I redeem my VIP voucher?

🚨Customers with vouchers will start to receive VIP invites once we have a sale that's hosting an early access event. You can book an appointment for an in-store event or for our online events, simply click the link to enter. Once you have booked an appointment or clicked a link to enter our online event early, you have redeemed your VIP voucher. Please note you'll receive these invites weekly until you redeem your voucher. Receiving these invites does not equate to being a permanent 260 VIP.

Where can I view my perks/ vouchers that I have available?

🚨At this time, we do not have a portal available for customers to view their perks/vouchers. This feature is something that will be available when we drop our new loyalty program, Summer 2024. In the meantime, you can always contact us (press@260samplesale.com) to get an update on the active vouchers you have on your profile!

Terms & Conditions :

You must be subscribed to 260 Sample Sale to be a part of our Loyalty Program. Perks will be communicated via email with instructions on how to redeem your perk/voucher. We cannot back populate transactions on to customer accounts. Perks can only be earned when customers checkout under their profile. Perks are subject to change. Wholesale Shoppers are not eligable to receive the perks of our loyalty program listed above. 260 Sample Sale reserves the right to remove a customer from our loyalty program based on behaviors exhibited in-store, towards our staff, towards the business, etc. All rewards have a 90 day expiration date - you will have 90 days to redeem your perk.

New & Impoved ✨ Loyalty Program β†’ Summer 2024

We are thrilled to announce that we have been working on a brand new loyalty program that is set to launch this Summer! Get ready for a bigger and better program with so many exciting upgrades.

While we will still be offering some of the same perks that you know and love, we are also introducing a new way of earning perks that we are sure you will enjoy. Our updated system will make it easier for you to track and see all of your perks available, and we will have a more detailed page for you to explore.

We can't wait to share more details with you in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned for updates on our new loyalty program.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to rewarding you with even more benefits in the near future.

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