Shopping a Physical Event

Is there typically a line to get in?
Each event is different. Each week we have a new brand entering our space and will result in a different customer, pricing and assortment. We advise customers to be prepared for lines on Opening Day + Weekends, for a calmer shopping experience we advise to shop on Day 2 or 3 of the event.

Do I have to check my bag?
Yes. 260 Sample Sale has a mandatory coat & bag check. We appreciate your cooperation.

Can I bring a stroller inside?
There will be no strollers permitted on the selling floor. Strollers can be checked at coat check or left by the front door. The child and/or infant will need to be removed from the stroller.

Will there be a fitting room available?
Fitting rooms will be made available based on the needs of the store and brand. Please be prepared for either circumstance.

Do you allow customers to Live Stream at your events?
We strongly advise no live streaming inside of our events. Live Streaming is prohibited on Opening Day.

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